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  • Habit_Crb_SE

    Habit Carbon SE


    The head angle is slack, the stays are short and the seat angle is steep. It’s that long, low modern geometry that helps you wring a little more flow out of every kind of trail.

    With bigger tires, bigger brakes, a burly Lyrik fork and Super Deluxe piggyback shock, the SE model is built to go bigger.

    Designed to be a “daily ride”, the Habit is built for easy service with proven, durable suspension pivots, tube-in-tube internal cable routing and no oddball proprietary stuff.

  • Habit Neo 3

    Habit Neo 3


    Playful and poppy. Confident and precise. With 130mm of dialed suspension in back, 140mm up front and perfectly sorted geometry, Habit NEO is ready to rail on any trail.

    The head angle is slack, the stays are short and the seat angle is steep. The drive unit and battery sit low and central in the frame. All to help you wring more flow from every inch of trail.

  • Habit Neo 4 Plus


    Press play.

    We took our most fun trail bike and put a motor in it. It’s play time.

    Where it thrives

    Challenging trails, up and down hills.

    What it’s built for

    Traction, efficiency, handling.

  • Moterra Neo 5

    Moterra Neo 5


    It Rails
    Impressively precise, surprisingly agile, and incredibly fun on any terrain. With its low center of gravity, progressive geometry and short chainstays, Moterra Neo’s handling is in a class of its own.

    Power & Style
    True all-mountain capability with the integrated power and reliability of the Shimano STEPS drive system, and a range up to 100Km (60mi), means you can simply ride anything – again and again.

  • Topstone-Carbon

    Topstone Carbon


    An unprecedented gravel bike. Rear suspension and fast-rolling 700c wheels offer unmatched comfort, control and speed from tarmac to outback. Where it thrives – Gravel roads, Up and down hills, Out in the elements. What it’s built for – Handling, Comfort, Traction.

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